England vs West Indies 1st Test

Posted: Sunday, February 8, 2009 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , ,

Self interview

Q.1 Do you think that the bad days of English cricket have started?
Sanya: Nah, every team has their own ups and downs. England were all out for 46 against WI during England tour of West Indies in 1994 but bounced back in the series in which Alec Stewart scored a ton in each innings. I hope history repeats itself. The question is, who will play the role of Alec Stewart? I really think England will try harder because they all know that this was one of the darkest days in English cricket. Their 3rd lowest score in tests.

Q.2 When did you felt that England is going to lose?
Sanya: When Strauss got out. England were 4 down & Cooky, Belly, KP and Strauss were all gone. Obviously, I had some faith in Freddie, Colly, Prior, Broady and the tail but it was hard to pull it off, wasn't it? Till Stuey got out, I thought England will lose but WI will have to bat again.

Q.3 Do you wish to see any changes in the side?
Sanya: I'd like to see jimmy replacing Harmison and Owais Shah replacing Bell. Also, England can play Adil Rashid as the second spinner or even the only spinner.

Q.4 Is Harmison's career over?
Sanya: He has done really well in the past in the Carribean. In fact, his best performances have come in Sabina Park (West Indies) and Lords (England). But this time, he did not perform on either of them. When England went to West Indies in 2004, England won 3-0. In the 1st test WI were all out for 47, Harmison bagging 7 wickets. But the question that arises is, when will the old Harmison be back?

Q.5 Who is the culprit?
Sanya: It's 51 all out, the whole team is the culprit but it's the batting that has failed. Only KP, Freddie scored runs, a few from Bell, Sidebottom. Most of them have never played in the Carribean before and it's not easy which they must have already observed.