Life As a Cricketer

Posted: Sunday, November 15, 2009 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , ,

Life as a cricketer isn't as wonderful and glamorous as it sounds. Yes, they enjoy playing cricket. Yes, they have a lot of fans. So what's better than being paid so much for something you love to do? May be a normal life. It's very tempting to become an International Star but don't be fooled by this adulation. Travelling around the world isn't as good as it sounds. And being the WAG of a cricketer isn't good either. There are cricketers who are happier playing in English County than playing for England. Kevin Pietersen commented on the tour of West Indies earlier this year, that "England dressing room is the worst place to be." He wanted to go home but captain Strauss didn't allow.
Let's take a look at the number of matches teams have played this year:

                    Tests Played        ODIs  Played           T20s Played        
England                                               14                         20                            8  
Australia                                              13                          40                           10
India                                                    6                          32                           10
Pakistan                                                9                          20                           11
Sri Lanka                                              11                         27                           13
South Africa                                          6                          20                           12
New Zealand                                         8                          24                           12

I don't take guarantee for any of the statistics mentioned in this post. You are welcome to point out any mistakes, it will be appreciated. I really think that cricketers should get more rest. There is a huge difference between the number of matches each team has played.  Every team should rest for at least 2 months after World Cup, 1 month after ICC World Twenty20, Ashes, ICC Champions Trophy.


  1. May be you are right but I think 2 months is pretty long. If they really need 2 months rest after every ICC big event, I don't think we can call them 'Professional cricketers' anymore.

  1. How much time do they get with their families? And what do you reckon, if someone is a professional cricketer, should s/he spend 11 months in a year on the field? And read carefully, I didn't say that they should get 2 months rest after every ICC event. 2 months rest is only needed after ICC World Cup.