England on the way to victory

Posted: Sunday, August 1, 2010 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , , , , ,

England vs Pakistan 1st Test: 29 July-2 August, 2010
Day 2
England were all out for 354, which proved to be good for them. I've always liked the idea of declaring when there are a few overs left in the session and this was similar. It's great for the bowlers to pick up a few wickets then go for lunch or tea, start fresh again. Michael Holding said that he attended a function which Steven Finn also attended and he chuckled from his chair when Finn was asked what would he prefer- 2/20 or 5/100 and he said 2/20! Who wouldn't want a 5 wicket haul? And Holding has always said that he wants 4 bowlers to play, 4 who are capable of taking a total of 20 wickets in a Test match. If all bowlers would take 2 wickets, you'll need 5 bowlers to bowl well. Holding hopes Finn's attitude will change. Finn is the kind of bowler who takes wickets and gives quite a few runs. He has not been smacked much, has a good strike rate and average but he is more likely to take 5/100 than 2/20. I like bowlers of his kind, don't need to be too economical in Tests! In Pakistan's 1st innings, Finn bowled 13 overs and Broad, 17 overs even though Finn bowled a lot better. Strauss' captaincy has not been impressive. He has been defensive.
Day 3
Pakistan started Day 3 on 147/9. When Finn was bowling, the field was set as if it's an ODI. England just needed to take one wicket to finish it off. Pakistan made 182, though they were 47/6, England should have got them out for less than 100. No, I do not blame the bowlers, I only blame Straussy. Umar Gul made his 1st first class half century, hit four 6s, made 65*, the highest in the innings. Pakistan avoided the follow-on though Strauss had already said that he wouldn't enforce the follow-on, he was worried about chasing 100.
                                Cook looked determined but went early. I felt bad about that, it didn't even look out to me at first though it was out. I was not too interested in the match during England's 2nd innings, there wasn't much into it, I was just waiting for the declaration. Prior struck a beautiful ton, he was on 63 when Finn came out to bat, believed in the No.11 and it took him a while to go from 93 to 100. Strauss declared as soon as Prior completed his century. Asif took his 100th wicket in his 20th Test, Waqar Younis is the only Pakistani who had done this as fast as him. Younis was 21 when he achieved this feat, while Asif is 27.
                           England took early wickets, Broad took 2, Jimmy 1. I'd say that he should have given the new ball to Finn. England will probably win this Test but they could have won it by an innings comfortably. Only one team has chased more than 200 at this ground, except England, i.e., West Indies, long ago.