Rain spoils Day 1 at Lord's and AB turns musician!

Posted: Friday, August 27, 2010 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , ,

England vs Pakistan 4th Test: 26-30 August
Day 1
The match was scheduled to start at 10 am GMT (11 am local) but due to rain, cloud cover, it started at 1:40 pm GMT. Only 12.3 overs were bowled in the day and Pakistan must be happy to have picked a wicket early. All credit to Asif who balled a stupefying delivery to Straussy. The review system came into play as Billy Bowden gave Cook out. It didn't look out to me even before I saw the reply. One reason being that it wasn't out. Second reason being that I've seen Cook getting out on edges but he always walks straight away. Alastair Cook's reaction was like...."out? really? I didn't expect that bad from you, Billy." He looked so sexy! And he referred it after walking down a few steps and catching up with Strauss. Trott, on the other hand looked positive after being criticised in the last Test for not looking to score.

AB Devilliers swapped his bat for a mike as he sang "Show Them Who You Are" and "Maak Jou Drome Waar" (Make your dreams come true) for the album Maak Jou Drome Waar which was released on 2nd August 2010. For track listing, click here. 9 of the 14 songs in the album are in Afrikaans while others are in English. He also plays the guitar! Nice thing to do after he retires or if SA drops him. Ampie du Preez (Not to be confused with Dillon du Preez or Mignon du Preez or Johan du Preez or any other cricketer) is his band member and he is featured in the video below.

I rather like the song and the video! I'm not too interested in other teams but thought this deserves a mention on my blog and AB is not bad!


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