England triumph in tight clash

Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , ,

 Pakistan won the toss and choose to bat first. Jimmy Anderson and Bresnan started the bowling. As Bresnan was leaking runs from one end, Anderson kept it tight. One way of taking a wicket is to create pressure from both ends so that the batsmen get frustrated and try to hit.  The first 6 overs went like this - 6 runs - 4 runs - 9 runs - maiden - 12 runs - 2 runs. After this, Broady replaced Bressie. Jimmy Anderson gave only 18 runs in his 6 overs before he was taken out of the attack, impressive. But his  fielding wasn't so impressive. England failed to break the opening partnership until Collingwood came to bowl and that must be a bad decision by the umpire. But that didn't stop Pakistan, they continued to flourish. Pakistan lost their 2nd wicket in the 26th over and 3rd wicket in the 39th over. Pakistan took the batting Powerplay at the end of over 44, just to tell England they are not afraid. They lost 2 wickets in the 45th over. Umar Akmal struck Broad for three boundaries in a row but Broad proved that he is not someone to target as he got Akmal on the very next ball, back of a length delivery, thin edge to Davies, just like the Yousuf dismissal. England and especially Broad conceded some runs but got the wickets as well. Broad finished with 4/81 in 10 overs, the most wickets but that's just too many runs. Jimmy (1/36 in 10 overs) had the best economy rate followed by Swann (1/43 in 10 overs). Bresnan (1/53 in 9 overs) and Yardy (0/43 in 6 overs) struggled. Wickets are so important and yet Strauss had only one slip till over 6 and no slips after that! Pakistan set up a very good target of 295 and I had my doubts over England winning this match unless Morgan or Collingwood get going.

But Strauss was the main man in this chase. Strauss and Trott shared a partnership of 146 runs. Trott was a bit slow as usual but that was needed. A big parnership makes it easier to chase big totals. Davies smashed a quick 26 in 21 balls. When Trott and Strauss were batting, it seemed like England would win it easily but England made it exciting by losing a 2 wickets. Colly and Moggie only scored about as many runs as they did in the 1st ODI. Bopara went for 16 off 13 on the 1st ball of the 49th over. At this stage, England needed 13 from 11 deliveries. The next ball was a wide and Bressie struck a boundary on the 3rd ball of the over. At the end of over 49, England needed 6 from 6 deliveries. And Umar Gul lost steam and bowled a wide after the 1st ball. Bresnan hit a 4 on the 2nd ball and this was enough, single on the next ball to finish it off. England must have enjoyed winning this one day much more than the Twenty20s and the 1st one day.

I don't regard Bresnan as anywhere close to being one of England's best bowlers. I know that he bowls better than I'm a fan of his bowling and not as good with the bat as much as I like his batting. Broad is better as a first change bowler but not when England play Bresnan. No idea why they play him. Why not give Shahzad/ Sidebottom/ Wright a chance?  England were not good in the field except about the last 10 overs. I don't think I've seen them field so badly in the past few years.

 The gap between 2nd One-day and the 3rd is too long. The 3rd One-day will be played on September 17 at the Oval at 12:00 GMT.

Sorry for posting late about this match. I've not been at peace in the past few days. One reason being waking up late. I like doing more serious work in the morn.