The 'Secret' Bonding Camp

Posted: Monday, October 4, 2010 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , , , , ,

The England team went for a boot camp just a day after the last one-day against Pakistan on September 22. It was a team bonding camp held in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. The destination wasn't revealed beforehand. The players were asked to leave their cellphones in England so they went off twitter for a few days. Apart from Finn, all of them try to be cool on twitter. And now, they have started replying to a few fans. To get a reply from them, you don't have to say something noteworthy or special or funny. After all this, I think ECB would be doing them a favour by banning them from twitter.

They must have enjoyed themselves at the camp, indulged in boxing, hiking and abseilling. I think it was great but I'm not sure if it took place at the right time. After the long summer, they should have spent time at home, resting and with family. This was a pre-Ashes bonding camp but there are still 52 days to Ashes (from 4th October).

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  1. "Bonding camp"... wow, sounds good!

  1. sunny says:

    I'm not sure in how much 'bonding' this camp successfully did considering many of the Poms might have been frustrated curmudgeons after their long season.
    You're right, they deserve their rest! Sometimes I just feel both England and Aus pay too much attention towards the Ashes.

  1. Nah, Ashes deserves all the attention it gets. It's just that the camp should have been held 15 or so days before the Ashes. As for the rest, they'll still get a lot of it as the camping is over. England last played an International match on September 22, the next is on November 25.

  1. EllaW638 says:

    I sooooo wish I could of gone to boot camp with them lol