England is no Australia

Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2012 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , ,

A year after England were crowned No.1 in Test cricket, South Africa beat them by 2-0 to be the new world No.1. But, most of us knew this was going to happen. England are an inconsistent team. And that has more to do with what goes off-field than on-field. Never before has a man not even playing has sparked more interest. You just can't keep Kevin Pietersen out of the game. Take him or leave him, the showman is here and there is no escape.

The fall from the top
Jimmy Anderson said the reason for England's fall is their poor bowling in the recently concluded series. But, it did not look like England lacked the fighting spirit with either the bat or the ball. South Africa couldn't have asked for anything better. No one is going to doubt whether they deserve to the top spot. There is no question over who played better. Yet, what happened before the match boosted their morale and devastated England like nothing else.

The star
If a player sends texts to the opposition calling his captain a dumb cunt, the board is right in excluding him. But, are the issues not deeper? Right from the beginning of his career, Kevin Pietersen was the face of English cricket, he was the performer, the star, the one with a movie like story, being discriminated in South Africa, coming to England and playing a big role in the epic Ashes 2005 with an England Lions tattoo on his arm. Until he was made captain.

ECB's ego
The ECB could not tolerate that someone else was running their cricket. It was said that following a tiff with coach Peter Moores, KP had asked the board to dismiss him. In return, ECB made both Moores and KP resign. There have been conflicts between the ECB and Pietersen ever since. True, he is outspoken. But, so what if he can't keep his hands off twitter or his cell phone? To lose a player like him over petty issues is nothing but stupid. Australia did not drop Shane Warne over his doping and rape scandals. But, England proves time and again that they are no Australia. They cannot ever rule cricket because their board has an ego too big and a head too small to manage big individual performers.

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  1. vbrocks says:

    England dropped their best paceman, leading spinner and star batsman respectively in the last 3 Tests :D