Performance equals power: Kevin Pietersen beats ECB

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , , , ,

Kevin Pietersen doesn't lead the life of a movie star but he sure lives in a movie. There has been no shortage of drama from him and the ECB over his future international career. Things finally seem to be going Kevin's way as he was welcomed warmly everyday in the TV studio of ESPN if not in the England dressing room. He offered his charm as well as witty remarks. He fitted well among the experienced commentators and showed that he is almost as entertaining off-field as he is on-field. Just like his switch hit, the gangnam style dance he performed won't be forgotten any time soon.

Early this month, he signed a contract with the England board. They say, both sides are at a loss in a war as both lose their men, resources and peace. It's no different in this battle. Both the ECB and Kevin Pietersen must have done a lot of thinking as the changing scenario kept them on their feet. Neither could guess the next move of the enemy. But, to me it seems KP enjoyed it all. One day, his heart spoke of being 100% committed to playing for England. But, the ECB wasn't satisfied, they asked for more apologies and explanation. They are never satisfied with anything if you ask me. Why else do they keep picking new players every month? Anyway, the next day his ego growled that lions don't bow to anyone. So, he didn't explain further and later accused Swann, Broad and Anderson of bitching behind his back. A few of the English players said they can win without KP. But, KP wasn't concerned, he always knew they were jealous of him. Plus, it wasn't going to take along for them to be proved wrong. Actions speak louder than words but England's inaction in the ICC World Twenty20 without KP spoke the loudest.

No wonder, Flower commented KP is on his way back into the English side a day after the tournament. Whether that was meant to distract us from England's dismal performance or to shut those who think England must bring KP back, it was a welcome statement. And no wonder now England Twenty20 captain Stuart Broad wants to have a beer with KP, the English team could worship KP if that's what he demanded to come back to the side. England have learned that you can't throw your top performers because of your so-called values. We don't need to get serious though folks, the ECB, KP and Stuart Broad never do. It's just a game they love to play. They don't want to make cricket boring by winning all the matches and making all the right choices.



  1. It wasn't a surprise to me to see Pietersen's stock rise while out of the side, imagine how desperate England will be to get him back if we don't take him to India later this year.

    If he doesn't play there, he will be the messiah after that series.

    Should have never got to the stage it did anyway, and when it did, it should have been sorted out far quicker than it is currently being.