Will we see the same KP?

Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 by Celia in Labels: , , , , , ,

So, after months of awkward talks and a bizarrely named period of ‘reintegration’, Kevin Pietersen is back in the England squad.

His route back into the international fold has not been straight forward, and has only really been possible due to a number of grovelling apologies.

Pietersen clearly has been made to jump through some hoops to get his place back and reflect on the damage his over-inflated ego has had on the squad.

But it is that ego that is also the 32-year-old’s greatest strength. Pietersen thrives on his status as a superstar cricketer. With the crowd behind him and the cameras pointed in his direction, he flourishes.

He is one of the game’s most devastating batsmen, capable of turning a game in his side’s favour within a few overs.

Of course, that huge ego needs massaging and has to be carefully managed. That has not been the case in recent months, with his expulsion from the squad the all too inevitable outcome. But in welcoming a remorseful KP back to the fold, have they taken away his greatest weapon?

Like players who need to be angry in order to play well, Pietersen needs that supreme confidence and belief that he is better than anyone else in order to operate. If he is going to stride out into the middle conscious of his place within the team, will his natural free-flowing game be hampered?

It is clear that England need Pietersen in India, one of the toughest countries to play cricket against. But the whole messy process over the last few months may have come at a price, something which can only be assessed when KP strides out into the middle in Mumbai next month.