Monty and KP shine as India loses 7 wickets in one session

Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2012 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , , ,

This much exciting series took a dramatic turn today. England finished Day 2 at 178/2 with Cook and KP at the crease. Thus, there was every chance for England to put on a good total. But given that wickets have usually fallen in the first session in this series so far, which team would win the first session was not predictable.

KP shined and when he shines, he leaves little chance for the opposition. He tears the opposition apart, mentally and physically. Today it was more apparent than ever. At the end of Day 3, India is on the verge of losing at 117/7. Looking at it straightforwardly, Indian batsmen must be blamed.

But it's the psychological damage done while fielding that did them. I think it also has something to do with Alastair Cook, the confidence, strength, calmness and patience he has shown, as a captain and batsman in both of these Tests. Pietersen, Pujara, Cook, Ashwin and Gambhir have been the only batsmen to score 31+ runs on Dhoni's desired track. How can we forget that? MS Dhoni is the only we should be thanking if we liked this game. He is the one who wanted a real turner. Indian fans must forgive him for forgetting this isn't 1990.

England has spinners, and in fact better spinners than India, as proven in this game. Swann is the best spinner in world cricket and Monty can demolish any batting line-up on his day. England committed the mistake of excluding Monty in the previous Test and assuming Samit Patel can be a frontline spinner in Tests, but they weren't going to commit it again. What Dhoni probably had in mind before this series began was that England clean swept them at their home and India will certainly do the same. He wasn't happy with a Test win, because a 4-0 win had already happened in his mind, he was certain it would happen in reality, his next wish was to defeat England by an innings through his spinners on a real turner, since India lacks quality fast bowlers. But that doesn't mean England still lacks quality spinners. This is 2012 baby, and Indians need to lose their long-held beliefs.

This day has changed the series. Until now, English players and fans had it in their mind, that they are behind, that they have lost something, a Test, on this tour without gaining anything and that Alastair Cook, Matt Prior and Graeme Swann's hard work in the 1st Test was a waste. Not anymore. The series will be levelled tomorrow. Both teams will stand equally, with an equal chance to win the battle. If only they can make the right selections, England can be the world beater in Test cricket now, they have the players, they have the potential, they have the approach. It's time to show who plays Test cricket best.