Kevin Pietersen: The hero?

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Kevin Pietersen may be a brat, but he has transformed cricket. For good. There are many a cricket fans whose life was never the same following Ashes 2005. Here is the story of one such person.

As a young child, my main sporting passion was football. I was obsessed with that small team
from the north called Manchester United. But come the summer of 2005, it all changed. Some
of my family already loved cricket and so got me watching that series. What a series it was, I was
encapsulated by the magic of the Ashes. The talent of players like Andrew Flintoff, Michael Vaughan,
Shane Warne and Glen McGrath impressed me beyond belief. However, no one caught my attention
more than the tall, young and flamboyant Kevin Pietersen. His presence at the crease and his
attacking shot play ensured I was glued to the TV screens and radios.

His last innings at the Oval in the last test where he scored 158 was simply outstanding. His shot
selection was out of this world and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t really watched cricket before this
point. I don’t know what it was about him - maybe it was his entertaining and perhaps show pony
style that enabled my small interest in cricket to expand and really become what it is today.

England went on to win the Ashes and I was able to celebrate as an excited little ten year old. It was
my first cricket series and I think I picked the right one! Since then I have been to many different
cricket grounds and experienced many incredible innings but nothing stands out as much as Kevin
Pietersens innings at Hove. Since the Ashes of 2005, Kevin Pietersen has remained my favourite
player and I have followed him closely since. It hasn’t all been sweet glory- the captain antics with
Peter Moore were quite upsetting and his dips in form and twitter outbursts have been hard to take
and accept. But in the summer of 2010, I was able to watch him bat at Hove.

Kevin was playing for Surrey against Sussex and he produced a stunning century. It included
beautiful fours and splendid sixes. He even hit a six to get up to 50 and then again to get 100.

Because of the Ashes and Kevin Pietersen, I became a major cricket fanatic and therefore I must
thank them. I am now writing about cricket for a couple of websites and on my own blog
The Witty Cricketer, in the hope to become a sports journalist in the future. So thank you Kevin!

David Pope, 17, is a huge Sussex supporter who enjoys being a member at the Hove county ground every summer. David has been playing cricket for a few different teams over the last few years and thoroughly enjoys playing! He considers himself to be a medium-paced bowler with the best figures being 4-38 and he prefers not to talk about his batting.

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  1. livescore says:

    No-doubt Kevin Peterson is the hero of England's cricket team his retirement was a shocking news for every cricket lover. His cold-war with Strauss left a negative impression on England's cricket.