James Anderson takes 5 on Day 2 as 1st Ashes Test evenly poised

Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , , , ,

David Lloyd: Good news for Australian fans, sunny day at Trent Bridge. After 2 overs, Australia scored 34 runs in 6th over, coming to a halt with the wickets of Smith and Haddin in consecutive overs. Australia lost their 1st wicket on Day 2 after 40 minutes of play and after 23 minutes, they were 117/9. It feels worst when a No.11 scores runs against you, especially after surviving a controversial appeal in the beginning. With Ashton Agar at 6 and Australia at 131/9, the man upstairs gave Agar another life at an appeal for stumping off Swann. It clearly looked out to me. I don't if umpiring has always sucked or if it's only that way these days but the DRS isn't helping either. 3rd umpiring needs to be improved, if not the on-field umpiring. Earlier, commentators and experts would argue that umpires don't see the replays like we do. What about 3rd umpires then?

It wouldn't have made much of a difference to me if Agar would have scored a century rather than 98. If I had a choice, I'd have let the chap have his glorious moment. It would only cost England 2 runs though some would argue that centuries give you psychological advantage. I just don't see it that way personally.

James Anderson has taken more wickets at Trent Bridge than any other man and he is no danger of losing that spot anytime soon. The 9 men behind him have all retired. Jimmy has 44 wickets at the ground while the next man behind him who is still around is Stuart Broad, standing at 11 in the list with 19 wickets to his name. Betting is something most of us sports fans fancy. However, choosing which betting sites to try and if beginner bonuses really help can be tough. Here are some reviews of the top sports betting sites.

The scorecard would tell you that the match is evenly poised but as an English fan, I'm happy. England have played well. The wickets of Root (caught behind) and Trott (lbw) were also very controversial. Root should have reviewed in my opinion but Captain Cook probably suggested not to. Hot spot and Snicko didn't show anything. Though Snicko is not used in DRS so it wouldn't have saved Trott as Hot spot didn't show anything his time either.