What makes a team win?

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014 by Sanya Michelangelo in Labels: , , ,

There is much to be said about what makes teams successful. Do incredible players make a team successful, or is it the captain? The coach? The management?

While most would say all these factors matter, but I reckon what matters the most are the people behind the players. A lot goes into making a team. A lot goes into making a player as well. How does one become a player good enough for International standards? Surely, no one is born with it though some have better genes suited for sports.

I guess it's the conditions you grow up in, the type of cricket you play when you are young. What after it though? We see so many players playing well at the county level yet their potential isn't exploited when playing for the country.

I feel the selectors, coach and the dressing room environment plays a big role. While tough conditions while growing up makes incredible players, as we have often seen, like Don Bradman practicing batting with a wicket in his childhood, talented players need support to grow and do something for their country.

Common mistakes made by captain and selectors:
1. Picking/dropping players based on their personal preferences rather than performance.
2. Wasting time of players by keeping them on the bench for too long.
3. Not giving players any reason for dropping them. If you don't tell them where they are wrong, how would they know what they need to do to get back?
4. Dictating them like bad bosses instead of nurturing their talent and confidence.
5. Placing your ego above winning matches for your country.

Thank you for reading.